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Aizar Pipes manufactures plastic pipes and hoses known for durability and sturdiness. Best quality raw materials go in to the production of these pipes thus making them temperature and weather resistant. The pipes and hoses are available in different sizes and thickness. The diameter of PVC pipe ranges from 20mm to 315mm while the hoses range from 15mm to 50mm.

The product range comprises of Aizar PVC Pipes (ISI and Non ISI), Hoses, Half Round Pathi Pipe (Rain Gutter), Vajram PVC Pipes, Conduit Pipes (white), Conduit Pipes (black), Water Level Hose, Aizar Solvent Cement, Aizar Fittings and Aizar Pathy Fittings.

The ISI mark bearing pipes are used in diverse fields. The light weight and low reactivity of the pipes make them suitable for use in various applications. Pipes are made using the process of injection moulding. Carbon black is added to the plastics for UV protection to make it weather resistant.


  • Strong and Durable
  • Impact resistant
  • Weather Resistant
  • Environment Friendly

Our commitment, dedication and an urge for perfection allow us to deliver the best. The professional and the lively environment create healthy work atmosphere where innovative ideas germinate. Stringent quality checks are performed in our Quality Testing Lab to test for heat and tensile strength before the final dispatch.

A strong sales team is imperative to success of the company. Our team is ever responsive and exploring new techniques of marketing. Our own fleet of delivery vehicles ensures that the products reach on time.