1. Technical Knowledge and Skills: • A solid understanding of the operation and maintenance of PVC extruder machines. • Proficiency in setting up, adjusting, and operating PVC extruder machines to produce high-quality products. • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve common issues related to machine operation. • Familiarity with different types of PVC materials and their specific requirements during the extrusion process. • Knowledge of safety protocols and practices related to operating PVC extruder machines. 2. Experience and Training: • Previous experience as a machine operator, preferably in the plastics or PVC extrusion industry. • Training or certification in machine operation and maintenance is desirable. • Familiarity with the specific make and model of the PVC extruder machine being used is advantageous. 3. Mechanical Aptitude: • Proficiency in understanding mechanical components, such as gears, motors, belts, and heating elements. • Ability to perform basic maintenance tasks, including cleaning, lubrication, and minor repairs. • Skill in reading and interpreting technical drawings, blueprints, and diagrams related to the machine. 4. Quality Control: • Attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality PVC extruded products. • Ability to perform regular quality checks on the extruded PVC profiles to ensure they meet specified standards and tolerances. • Knowledge of measuring tools and techniques used for quality control purposes. 5. Safety Consciousness: • Strict adherence to safety regulations and guidelines to prevent accidents or injuries. • Ability to identify and mitigate potential safety hazards associated with PVC extrusion processes. • Knowledge of emergency procedures and protocols in case of machine malfunction or other emergencies. 6. Communication and Collaboration: • Effective verbal and written communication skills to coordinate with team members and supervisors. • Capability to report machine issues, production delays, or any other relevant information accurately and promptly. • Willingness to work as part of a team and collaborate with colleagues to optimize machine performance and productivity. 7. Physical Stamina: • Ability to stand for long periods and perform repetitive tasks. • Capable of lifting heavy materials and operating machinery controls with ease. • Stamina to work in a potentially noisy and physically demanding environment. 8. Problem-Solving and Adaptability: • Aptitude for identifying and resolving operational issues, such as material blockages, temperature fluctuations, or equipment malfunctions. • Ability to adapt to changes in production schedules or priorities as per business requirements. • Critical thinking skills to troubleshoot and implement solutions effectively.

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